Heavy, Brass, And Totally Awesome

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I am not sure I could be happier with a custom designed piece of art. I met The Noble Woodsman (@noblewoodsman on Instagram) at The Man Expo in Raleigh (@manexponc ) a few weeks ago. On top of being an incredibly talented artist, Shane was just a super cool guy to meet in person. And as I quickly found out at his booth he creates some pretty amazing custom metal and wood pieces (including many EDC items).

One item he had on display were these really heavy thick solid brass hand hammered engraved coins. I thought one would be an awesome addition in my home office. We spoke and few times and I asked he if he could make one with my custom logo of my initials. He happily said yes.

What I received is spectacular.

It is 2 inches wide and almost 1/2 an inch thick. It weighs almost 202 grams! The patina color and texture of the brass is fantastic. It is totally unique and just looks amazing on my desk.

A unique and special addition to my home office.

You can check out The Noble Woodsman’s work on his website or Etsy shop. Definitely discuss custom options with him if you want something unique and different! Thank you again to The Noble Woodsman!

Traveling for business always sounds glamorous to everyone who is not actually doing it. After a while it all becomes a monotonous blur of packing, unpacking, laundry ... and repeat. Forgetting what city you are in, or the time zone, is the norm. Celebrating obscenely high frequent flyer miles and Marriott points is a sick game only played by hardened business travelers in airport lounges. But if you keep your eyes open and never stop looking for one thing each day that excites you it can be glorious.

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