Moo Thru Rocks

in The Eats

My new favorite sweet spot when traveling to Charlottesville, VA is the MOO THRU on James Madison Hwy. The place is fantastic! The company slogan pretty much says it all:

Real ice cream from real dairy farmers

Every time I drive by this well known roadside destination spot it is packed with lines of cars waiting to go through the drive through and crowds of people sitting outside enjoying homemade ice cream and much more. Moo Thru is known for using locally sourced ingredients for their ice cream, shakes, milk and more.

Highly recommended if you have the time to make a pit stop when driving between Charlottesville and Washington DC!

Traveling for business always sounds glamorous to everyone who is not actually doing it. After a while it all becomes a monotonous blur of packing, unpacking, laundry ... and repeat. Forgetting what city you are in, or the time zone, is the norm. Celebrating obscenely high frequent flyer miles and Marriott points is a sick game only played by hardened business travelers in airport lounges. But if you keep your eyes open and never stop looking for one thing each day that excites you it can be glorious.

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