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Holy Intervention Before Takeoff

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The drenching rains covered the Earth for what seemed like weeks. The people ran for cover and shelter where they could find it.

Would the onslaught ever stop? Or would the world be covered by the endless seas? With no end in sight hope was quickly fading.

And then suddenly the clouds parted, as if touched by an unseen hand above, and the sun burst through….

Is that you Oprah? Tom Cruise? Kanye? You all are more powerful than God so it must be one of you guys!

Is that you God?

The Soup Is Really Good

in The Eats

I will admit that I had 4 or 5 orders of the “soup”….

Get Your $h!t Together Before You Get On A Plane!

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Traveling PSA: Get yourself together before you get on a plane!

  1. You arrived at the airport almost 2 hours before your flight.
  2. After going through security you waited in the terminal for over an hour.
  3. Approximately 20 minutes before boarding the airline agents started making multiple warning announcements that boarding was about to begin.

SO WHY are you the only one not with their ticket out and ready to be scanned when you get to the agent?

SO WHY are you the only one without all your personal items in your bags requiring the ticket agents to remind you (again) that you can only bring on 2 carry on items? They only announced it 487 times in the 30 minutes leading up to starting the boarding process.

SO WHY when you finally get on the plane do you actually sit in the wrong row AND seat? You had hours to read your ticket and remember which seat you are supposed to be in.

SO WHY didn’t you go to the bathroom in the terminal during your 90 minute wait before boarding? Now you actually want to try to get up and go against traffic of the other passengers boarding the plane?

SO WHY do you feel the need to ring the flight attendant call button multiple times, WHILE passengers are still trying to get on the plane, holding up the entire boarding process – to ask “how long the flight is“???? You realize that their job is already hard enough without pretending to be happy to answer your ridiculous questions.

You know it is a long flight so go to the bathroom in the terminal. Organize your shit before getting on the plane. And ask the ticket agent in the terminal an hour before getting on the plane how long the flight is.

Please get your $hit together. Thank you for your attention to this serious concern.

Signed – Everyone else in the airport!


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