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I Heart GIN

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I love gin.  I know it’s not the first choice of most. It probably is not the second or third choice. Why…

  • Trendy micro brews are popular.
  • Foo foo colorful mixed drinks and loaded teas are trendy.
  • Ciders and fruity ales are all the rage.

All of that being said I will take my gin. Bombay Sapphire if available. But gin and tonic, with TWO limes.

And I will have my gin with just about anything.

My Gin And Tonic Is Literally Good For Me

in The Eats

Who knew that my favorite drink – Bombay Sapphire Gin and tonics with 2 limes is actually good for me!

This info is very positive for my obsession with gin. From Wikipedia:

The cocktail was introduced by the army of the British East India Company in India. In India and other tropical regions, malaria was a persistent problem. In the 1700s it was discovered by Scottish doctor George Cleghorn that quinine could be used to prevent and treat the disease.[17] The quinine was drunk in tonic water, however the bitter taste was unpleasant.[17] British officers in India in the early 19th century took to adding a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin to the quinine in order to make the drink more palatable, thus gin and tonic was born.

This information will only motivate me to drink more gin at every opportunity,

Of course I am a snob and prefer Bombay Sapphire whenever possible!

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