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When 1, 2, 3 Screens Are NOT Enough!

in The Gear

Today’s I realized (again) I have a problem. Simply put, I LOVE technology.

  • I want it all around me.
  • I want more of it than I currently have.
  • I need it to function.

I realize this is a little sad and depressing but WHY limit yourself. With the prices of powerful computers and flat screen monitors dropping to almost free, their literally is no reason to go with only one … of anything!

I honestly can not remember how I functioned in the past with only one screen. I am so spoiled that when I travel using only the one screen of my laptop is almost impossible.

My only problem now is desk space. Soon there will be none left. Time for the next advancement and 360 degree virtual monitors like in the sci-fi flicks. I for one can’t wait. The future is … now.

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