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Is Wegmans The Best Supermarket?

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I travel and go to many supermarkets across the country. Some are just average and some are exceptional. I am a long time fan of the Publix chain. I love everything about how they operate, how their stores look and are organized, and how they treat their customers. It makes me happy just going into a Publix when I am traveling and away from home.

I also LOVE their commercials that are as well produced as an Academy Award winning movie. For example this Publix commercial from 2013 always makes me get a little weepy:

But as great as everything is with Publix the best supermarket chain on the planet in my humble opinion is Wegmans.  When you enter a Wegmans it is momentarily overwhelming. The sheer size of the store is breathtaking but you are pulled in by the colors and layout of the store from the second you enter the massive buildings.

The customer service is on par with Publix but it is the very large special prepared food/meals section that sets Wegmans apart from the rest. Not only do they have more exotic and fancy premade meals for purchase then I have ever seen, but they have absolutely the BEST salad bar I have ever visited. It is just massive and covers almost a 1/3 of the store.

Picture from the Wegmans website.

I would honestly eat at the Wegmans salad bar 365 days a year if I could. Whenever I am traveling and know there is a Wegmans in town I seek it out. And now we will have a new 120,000 square foot Wegmans opening in Raleigh, NC right by my office. My prayers have been answered!

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