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The Only PIzza Is NYC Pizza

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I travel a few times a year to NYC for 2 reasons.

  1. The Energy. I just need to recharge my internal batteries and there is no where on the planet with as much juice.
  2. The Pizza: Let’s just say it. NYC Pizza is the best. Period. Sure there are good pizza joints all over the country but none compare.

I have traveled extensively and tried pizza in just about every city and multiple countries. In the end not one slice tastes close to what you can get on almost every block in NYC.

The endless topping combinations; perfect amount of dripping grease; cheese that stretches for miles and ultimately burns your lips, tongue, and mouth (no matter how much you blow on it before taking a bite); and perfectly singed edge crust simply can not be beat.

Last trip I had a slice topped with nachos. Full nachos including guacamole on my pizza. I followed that a few days later with “white pizza” that had so much garlic on it that I still smelled like garlic 3 days later.

Nothing tops NYC pizza.

Charlottesville, VA Deep Dish Surprise

in The Eats

Went looking for a sports bar to catch the game and found some pretty good pizza.

It was probably over 400 calories per slice but the Gourmet Five Meat Deep Dish at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Charlottesville, VA. was excellent.

Almost finished the entire pie. Almost.

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