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Don’t Pet The Doggie

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Traveling PSA #45,907,231: Just shut up and let the dog do its job.

The bomb sniffing dog that calmly walks around the airport with its handler is there for YOUR PROTECTION.

  • You walk by the dog as you are in line to go through security.
  • The dog sniffs every bag for 1/1,000,000th of a second and then quickly moves on to the next person.
  • The dog almost never barks, farts, pees, or poops anywhere near the travelers. NEVER.

So when you loudly declare that “you are late” and don’t want “that dog drooling on your suitcase“, there is a very good chance you are going to miss your plane.

Expect to be immediately pulled out of line and potentially be subjected to a full body cavity search all because you could not keep your mouth shut.  All you had to do was let the dog sniff your fake Michael Khors bag and keep moving forward in line. Instead you are this morning’s clown and entertainment for the rest of us. Silly silly people

Yelling Louder NEVER Works

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Travel Delay PSA:

If you are going to rant, rave, wave your arms around like a madman, swear randomly for no reason, and loudly yell at the ticket agents who have absolutely NO CONTROL over the weather, then you are a huge massive incredible a-hole. They are just trying to do their jobs.

You raising your voice does not make them work harder, work faster, or try to help you in any way.

Additionally, when you refuse to lower your offensively loud voice, even when the police and TSA agents come over and try to calm you down, you prove yet again how irrational you are. The rest of us viewing your madness want to go “American Psycho” on your dumb ass.

Inevitably you will be handcuffed, arrested, and dragged away from the gate. The last thing you will hear is all of us cheering your departure. You just made your delay even longer.

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